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hair fetish picturehair fetish picturehair fetish picture
hair fetish picturehair fetish picturehair fetish picture
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Title: She was down so I give her a complete smooth head save
Pictures: 379 pictures
Part1: This attractive lady arrived with long brown hair. First I cut her long hair to a high bowl style with shaved back and side. You know this is the style that we like so much because of two reasons. First of all it's uncomfortable and degrading for the girls. Secondly in spite of this fact they have to wear it in the street and they can't hide it!

Part2: Many of you asked me: 'Why do You say on the website that it's degrading and uncomfortable for a woman getting a bowl hair cut? I've met normal women who feel very good about theirs.'
So here is the full true story:
I said it because the day after the bowl cut this chick called me again. 'Is it possible to shave the rest of my hair to bald? Because many people on the street laugh at my hair. They take photos with cellular phone and laugh. I'm tired of it. I'm down.'
I cannot say no.
Anyway....she is pleased with her bald head now.

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